ESL Course Descriptions

新皇冠APP下载Ben Lippen offers varying levels of ESL instruction, from beginner to advanced. Listed below are the ESL courses offered at Ben Lippen along with a short description of each.

ESL 2 (full year)

esl 2 is designed for students with a toefl score of a 50 or higher. this communicative based course aims to develop the critical thinking and language skills needed for success in the mainstream classroom as well as on the toefl ibt exam. specific emphasis is placed on grammar, organizing/writing short essays, reading comprehension, as well as listening/speaking skills.

ESL 3 (full year)

this esl course is designed to help advanced students strengthen their english speaking, listening, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills in the context of macro and micro issues facing people, society, and the environment. students will engage with meaningful topics through reading, lecture, research, guided discussion, and various forms of media in order to contribute to the class via discussions, debates, presentations, and written responses. students will grow their vocabulary and learn to recognize their speaking, listening and writing errors as they cultivate skills needed for college (note-taking, public speaking, research, synthesis, etc.)

TOEFL Prep 1 (semester)

this semester-long course exposes students to the toefl ibt exam and teaches over-arching toefl ibt test-taking strategies. this course takes a communicative based approach to develop the integrated and critical thinking skills needed for success on the toefl ibt exam.

TOEFL Prep 2 (semester)

this semester-long course, designed for advanced english language learners, seeks to help students further develop test-taking strategies needed for the toefl ibt exam. this course takes a communicative based approach to develop the integrated and critical thinking skills needed for success on the toefl ibt exam.

Upper-Level Grammar (semester)

this semester-long course focuses on advanced grammar concepts needed for upper-level writing while reinforcing the fundamentals concepts of english grammar.

ESL Bible (full year)

新皇冠APP下载this full-year course introduces students to the bible at a beginning english level. no previous biblical knowledge is assumed at the beginning of this course. this class incrementally teaches the overarching story of the bible as well as the major themes/claims of the book. this class will use various mediums to aid the students in learning/connecting the characters, stories, teachings, and vocabulary of the bible in preparation for future courses.

ESL World Culture (full year)

this esl course is designed to help students strengthen their english skills through the subject matter of world cultures. in this course, students will learn about the components of culture, the process of cross-cultural adjustment, and the historical/ideological roots of american culture. they will also explore the cultures in africa, the middle east, europe, asia, and the hispanic world through the lenses of geography, religion, history, specific people groups, folktales, art, food, and cultural values.

below is a description of the services offered for middle school students:

Middle School Tutoring (full year):

in lieu of an additional class, esl middle school students will receive 2 periods of tutoring to help with content from their main-stream classes